What Exactly is Junk Removal?

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So what is junk removal? Really? If you’re looking to hire a pro to help clean out some clutter, then here’s some great information about how the industry started and how it can help you today!

The History of the Junk Removal Industry

While organized municipal waste services have existed since the mid-1800s, the junk removal industry did not find its start until the mid 20th Century. Early versions of more modern services were typically one-person operations. These “junk men” would typically bring a cart, horse-drawn wagon, or old automobile around wealthy areas, collecting scrap metal and old clothing or furniture. With the scarcity of goods in this period, junk men would make money selling the scrap and by refurbishing and selling the other items they picked up.

As time went on, society became increasingly wealthy and the cost of goods continued to decrease. Furniture, appliances, clothing, and new electronic goods were no longer passed down from generation to generation. Instead, technology now outpaced the practical lifespan of most appliances and electronics, and new adults purchased their own furniture and clothing. These factors resulted in a monumental increase in the amount of “junk” generated by society as a whole.

Appliances used to be simpler and built to last many generations. Now, they’re designed to last until newer technology makes it into stores.

As a result, scrap metal and used goods no longer held the value they once had. Instead, items that had outlived their usefulness now became clutter. It was no longer profitable for junk men to collect items like they used to – stuff simply wasn’t valuable any more! It was at this point that the modern junk removal industry began to take root.

Early junk removal entrepreneurs realized that while junk men had all but disappeared, the need for junk removal services had actually increased tremendously. People were forced to haul load after load of stuff in borrowed or rented trucks, waiting in long landfill lines behind others doing the same thing and paying significant fees for private dumping.

The Modern Junk Removal Service

Once they identified the need for a new kind of junk removal service, these early entrepreneurs designed a brilliant system. They would specialize in collecting items that municipal waste collection services wouldn’t or couldn’t handle. They would handle the lifting, carrying, loading, hauling, and disposal of these items, saving customers from significant hassle, long lines, and excessive fees. In many cases, modern junk removal services actually cost less than DIY junk removal – and the customer doesn’t have to lift a finger!

How Modern Junk Removal Works

Most modern junk removal providers operate in roughly the same way.

  • First, the customer calls or books online to schedule a junk removal appointment. These are typically set up in 2-hour arrival windows.
  • The junk removal company arrives at the customer’s house in a dump truck. The truck team takes a look at everything to be removed and provides the customer with a free, no-obligation price up front.
  • If the customer agrees to the price, the team loads all items in the truck and checks the final load size in the truck. If the quote was right on or too low, the customer simply pays the amount that was originally quoted. If the quote was too high, the truck team adjusts the price down to the actual cost to save the customer money!
  • The team thanks the customer and heads out to donate and recycle what they can. Anything left over will be taken to an appropriate disposal facility.

It’s that simple! Our industry may have evolved significantly over the years, but it has never been more important or prevalent in society than it is today. JunkGuys Sacramento is working hard to serve the residents and businesses of the Sacramento metro area. If you’d like our help then give us a call or book online!

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