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Do you have an old appliance that you no longer want to keep around? If so, contact JunkGuys Junk Removal & Hauling for a fast and painless appliance removal appointment. You’ll be impressed at how fast our service really is!


Appliances don’t last forever. One way or another, you’ll eventually want them out of your life. For example, they could break down after decades of use. They can go out of style, proving to be eyesores every time you have to look at them. Is it time for you to get rid of a junk appliance in Sacramento, CA? If so, we’d love to help you! JunkGuys Junk Removal & Hauling does appliance removal in Sacramento so you don’t have to lug around heavy appliances for yourself!

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You can probably imagine that a fridge, washing machine, or freezer is incredibly heavy, making it impossible for you to haul it away for yourself. After all, the last thing you want to do is slip a disc or break your leg trying to get the job done. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to DIY work. Our junk removal services are trusted by people all around Sacramento because our professionals are capable, fast, and friendly! Whether you want to part ways with a washer and dryer set or something as small as a toaster, we’re always ready to take it off your hands! Afterwards, we’ll donate it if possible. Otherwise, we’ll recycle or dispose of it.

We pick up old appliances when you need us to. In fact, we even offer same-day and next-day appointments, meaning you don’t have to waste time waiting all week for us to show up. Additionally, our volume-based prices make getting rid of appliances affordable and fair. We’ll charge you according to how much truck space your appliances use up. Count on us to never add hidden fees to your final bill, too!

The best thing you can do when you have an unwanted appliance is to let us know about it. That way, we can be there when you need us to be, and we can remove it for you! Here’s how you can schedule an appointment. Either contact us online, or give us a call at 916-218-0765. Whichever way you go about it, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. First things first, schedule an appointment with us and let us know what kind of appliances you need us to remove. We’ll prepare accordingly!
  2. On the day of your appointment, we will give you a courtesy call shortly before our arrival. Accept our upfront quote, and we’ll begin our work.
  3. We will remove the appliance from your property safely and quickly. If needed, we will use a dolly to help with especially heavy appliances.
  4. Finally, once the appliance has been loaded up in our truck, we’ll sweep up where the appliance used to be and accept your payment.

Restaurant Equipment Removal

We remove appliances from homes for our local residents in Sacramento, but did you know we also help local restaurant owners get rid of their unneeded restaurant equipment? It’s true! It’s also especially helpful when you consider just how busy our local restaurants can be. Obviously, when you’re up to your elbows in a sea of hungry customers, it’s hard to find time to remove a large oven or dishwasher. That’s why restaurant owners turn to us—so we can handle these difficult removal jobs for them. Of course, it’s always our pleasure. After all, JunkGuys Junk Removal & Hauling strives to have great business-to-business relationships in our area!

Let us do our best to accommodate you and your restaurant’s schedule. We are open every day except Sunday, and we work carefully to not disturb you, your employees, or your customers. We can enter and exit through the back if you’d like us to. And, as always, we’ll exercise caution and make sure we don’t drop any restaurant appliances or scrape them against the walls or floors. That way, your appliance removal appointment starts and finishes without any hiccups along the way. You deserve the very best we have to offer!

Appliances We Take

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Stoves
  • Dishwashers
  • Water Coolers
  • Ice Machines
  • Water Heaters
  • Toaster Ovens
  • Mini Fridges
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About Us

There are no other guys that are quite like JunkGuys Junk Removal & Hauling. After all, we’re always ready and excited to clean up your messes, and who else can say they’ll make your life cleaner and better with smiles on their faces? Our business was founded because there was a severe lack of local junk removal options. Sure, there are lots of junk removal franchises, but those businesses charge extra money to help pay for those expensive franchise fees. On the other hand, we’re a small business that skips those corporate expenses. As a result, we can pass the savings on to you. Our appliance removal in Sacramento is the best option near you as a result!

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While we take care of your junk removal, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your space will be clean, clutter-free, and ready for you to enjoy. We aim to deliver hassle-free and satisfying results, allowing you to enjoy your reclaimed space to the fullest.

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