Garage Organization Strategies and Junk Removal

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Could you use some garage organization strategies to get your space under control? We’ve got just the tips and resources for you!

Garage Storage and Garage Junk

Many of us purchase a garage (or a house with one attached) with the intention of using it as a safe, enclosed space in which to park our cars. However, the reality is that a garage also makes a great storage space for holiday decorations, camping equipment, tools, and more! It’s easy to quickly fill up a garage to the point that it’s impossible to park a car inside. The biggest problem with most “garage junk” is that you still use most of it from time to time. You can’t just go in and throw everything away.

The bad news is that there’s only one real strategy for opening up that garage so you can park in it again – and it takes some work. The good news is that it’s a pretty straightforward process, and there’s help available for you. Basically, you’re just going to have to get organized. Get rid of the items you don’t need or use, and store everything else in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing manner.

The First Step: Garage Junk Removal

Before you can start organizing the stuff you want to keep, it’s best to start by getting rid of what you no longer want or use. While this might be the part you’ve been dreading, getting started is the hardest part. If possible, take a Saturday and move everything out of your garage. Go through each box, container, and item that was inside and sort them into piles. Get rid of things you no longer use or can’t see a use for in the near future.

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This is a good time to call in some help with junk removal. Once you know which items you want removed, JunkGuys can come pick it all up and haul it away for you. We have the muscle, tools, and big truck to get the job done right and get your stuff hauled off, fast. This will free up space in your garage so that you can get back to organizing the stuff you want to keep.

Step Two: Garage Organization

Once your unwanted items are gone, you can deal with all the items you want to put back in an organized manner. The next step is to visualize exactly how you want to use your garage space and plan your organizational setup. Would you like a workbench for DIY projects? Do you have a lot of tools or a lawnmower that you plan to store in the garage? Do you have a lot of boxes of decorations, camping equipment, or other supplies?

Once you know which items you’re planning to keep in the garage with your car(s), it can be helpful to draw out a sketch of the area and use that to plan your use of space. Items like lawnmowers and yard tools, which you’ll be using fairly often, should be placed somewhere relatively accessible. Don’t put them between shelves that are difficult to get to. Install plastic or metal shelving units against the walls and stack any boxes you have on those to get them off the floor, out of the way, and in a more accessible location.

If you have a workbench, put it somewhere that remains accessible even with cars in the garage. You don’t want to make it more difficult for you to do projects down the road. Items you use less often, like seasonal decorations, can be placed under stairs or in corners where they do not need to be readily accessible.

Step Three: Enjoy Your Junk Free Garage

That’s it! By following these very simple steps, you can take your garage from “cluttered storage unit” to “organized” in just a weekend. Your spouse will thank you, and YOU will thank you next time you’re unloading groceries in a rainstorm. If you’re ready to start your garage organization project and need some help, call on JunkGuys!

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